Air Cool Jacket

Air Conditioned Jackets, Vests, Shirts & Trousers For Hot Climates

Aircooled Dishdasha

Used in all situations where the wearer needs cooling and will benefit greatly from clothing that provides forced air conditioning to guard against heat exhaustion and temperature stress factors. The garments allow air to circulate using a turbo fan, so… Continue reading →

Aircooled Workwear

Our air conditioned jackets have been designed to overcome personal sweating/heating problems during hot summer weather conditions. Using powerful turbo-fans, ambeiant cooler air is drawn into the jacket passing over the body collecting moisture and exiting out of the sleeves… Continue reading →

Roncool BaseLayer

As a specialist product design company, our services cover all aspects of the new product design process from concept creation to product commercialisation. Our customer base is made up of the most successful small to medium sized companies through to… Continue reading →

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